Shall we start with a story?

Once upon a time there was a girl who liked to write poetry. Although she had always liked poetry, she was a scientist at heart, and many of the things she did were not the typical things you’d expect a poet to do. When she wanted a website, she taught herself how to build one using HTML and CSS. She enjoyed doing geeky things, but she preferred writing and so, over time, playing about with code became something she did for fun and she forgot that it could even be considered useful.

One day, when she was helping out with her daughter’s school website – for she had had children by now – she got to talking with the lady who had built it; a lady a lot like herself. It turned out that many people could build websites, and many people could write stories and poems, but only a few were any good at doing both. And so the girl was asked to help teach a workshop for writers so that they could set up their own websites, just the way she had.

And hopefully, everyone lived happily ever after.

This Saturday, I’ll be helping writers of the Houston chapter of the SCBWI learn all about WordPress. In an effort to practise what I preach, I’ve set up my “writer’s” website and separated out some content from my ten-year-old website/blog over at DrAndMrsRock. The only drawback is that now I need some more writing to write about. If you see what I mean.